Property & Finance Lasting Power of Attorney

1. What is a Property & Finance LPA?

A Property & Finance Lasting Power of Attorney can be used to give your chosen attorneys the power to make decisions about your properties, financial assets and expenses within England and Wales.

2. What does it cover?

A Property & Finance LPA gives your attorneys the power to make decisions about how your financial and property assets are handled. These decisions include the power to: 

  • Buy and sell properties in your name.
  • Withdraw and deposit money from your bank accounts. 
  • Manage payment of bills, mortgages and other expenses using your financial asset

3. How much does it cost?

Individually, a Property & Finance LPA will cost £99 per person but thanks to our price match guarantee, if you find a cheaper solicitor, we will match them on price and refund you the difference.

4. How long does it last?

Property & Finance LPA’s are unique in that a donor can choose when they wish for their attorneys to take over management of their assets, either at a time of their own choosing or once they lose mental capacity.

5. What if I don’t have a Property & Finance LPA?

Without a Property & Finance LPA  in place, your next-of-kin will have no say in decision-making about your properties and finances. Bank accounts are frozen, properties will be sold and bills will be unable to be paid without applying for deputyship.

The process of applying for deputyship from the Court of Protection is a very long, expensive and stressful process for families that can be avoided with an LPA.