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Why Zenco?

Zenco was founded by kind and empathetic people who created a business that you can trust. We understand how it feels to be making difficult decisions that you do not make every day. When it comes to planning the future, we understand how daunting it can be.

We don’t just cut out the sales nonsense, we also cut out the legal jargon and help people to secure peace of mind.

With accessible staff, affordable products, and amazing quality of service, Zenco hopes to create a community in the future. We hope you can join us.

Zenco has been ranked the best Paralegal Services Provider on Trustpilot

We offer these services

Power of Attorney

Start your power of attorney from the comfort of your own home. Help and advice is always on hand.


Avoid family confusion by leaving clear instructions for the care of loved ones and your estate after you pass.


Simply protect your home and assets during your lifetime and after death using a trust.

“Would recommend to anyone. They are very professional, understanding and patient. Everything was explained in layman’s terms and all questions and queries answered. They are not after your money, they get you the policy that is best for you.”

Alen, Zen Legal Customer

Peace of Mind is only a Phone Call Away

Whether you’re looking to draft Power of Attorney or just want expert advice, our team of legal advisors are eager to help from 9am to 6pm Monday – Thursday and 9am to 5pm on Fridays.


We’ve put all our expertise into these free guides to help you.

Property Protection trusts

Lasting Power of Attorney