Lifetime Property Protection Trust

1. What is a Property Protection Probate Trust?

A Property Protection Probate Trust (PPPT) is a type of Trust that can protect your property against outside interference.

2. How does a Property Protection Probate Trust work?

Unlike other Trust Wills that are activated upon your death, an PPPT immediately transfers your desired assets into a Trust to be managed by your chosen trustees.

3. Why are Lifetime Property Protection Probate Trusts important?

PPPTs are an excellent way to protect your entire estate from: 

  • Expensive probate costs.
  • Your children experiencing divorce or bankruptcy.
  • Inheritance taxes being paid on your estate by your beneficiaries’ children when they die.
  • Your beneficiaries passing away before their partners.

4. Can I still use my estate when it’s in a Trust?

Yes. A PPPT will allow you to still use your assets even when placed into a Trust e.g. if your house is placed into a trust, you can live there until your death.