1. What is a mirror will? 

Mirror Wills, sometimes called joint wills are a popular choice for married and unmarried couples that share common wishes for how their wills are written

Mirror Wills are two individual legal documents that are identical in structure, with the exception of the partner’s name and any personal wishes for funerals. 

To use an example for how a mirror would work is that between a married couple with children, they can decide to leave their entire estate to each other if one of them passes away and should they both die, the children will receive everything from both parents.

2. Should I get a Mirror Will?

If yourself and your partner share the same wishes for your estates, then a mirror will is a useful document. Should both people want different beneficiaries or conditions written into their will, then it would be better to have two single wills prepared that outline the different requirements. 

3. How much does a Mirror Will cost?

Preparing a Mirror Will with Zen Legal costs £349. Our main priority is to support you to get the protection in place for your legacy.

4. What are the advantages of using a Mirror Will?

Preparing a Mirror Will allows you to clearly define how you want your assets and family to be cared for after your death, giving peace of mind to yourself and loved ones.

If you die before preparing a Will in England or Wales, your family cannot access your estate and who inherits what is decided by the law with no concern for your wishes.

5. What are the disadvantages of using a Mirror Will?

Once a Mirror Will has been written, either party can make changes to their will without telling the other. If one person dies, there is nothing to prevent the living partner from cancelling their original Mirror Will. Because of the importance of preparing a Mirror Will, you should seek as much guidance and professional advice as possible before putting a will in place.