Property Protection Trusts

Secure your family home with a Property Protection Probate Trust.

What does a property protection trust offer me?

Peace of mind

Secure your home and your family’s future by placing your property into a trust whilst you are alive. remain in full control and gain peace a mind.

Avoid Probate

By placing your home into property protection probate trust, you can remove your home from the probate process.


With your property in a trust, your home will be managed by the trustees for the benefit of the beneficiaries. Safe from future attacks from divorces, debt and future inheritance tax.

What is a property protection trust?

The Property protection Probate Trust (PPPT) is simply the best and most comprehensive trust for the protection of your home. Your home is placed into trust whilst you are alive and well. This removes the property from any assessments in the future that are related to care.

  • With this trust you will receive your full inheritance tax allowance of £325,000, plus the additional residential allowance of up to £175,000, giving up to £500,000 allowance per person.

  • Pass on your property without adding to your beneficiary’s estates and paying future tax.

  • If your beneficiaries are subject to a divorce in future, the home is protected from any settlement.

  • The trust can, in certain circumstances, allow your loved ones to avoid probate delays, meaning they have access to the house when most needed.

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    Start your trust in 4 simple steps

    Getting started

    Speak to us to find out how to place and protect your assets with a trust or series of trusts.

    Fact find

    We work together to get the facts for you and your family’s situation for property, savings and investments. We find out how you want to leave your estate and go away to find the best solution.


    Once you have completed the fact find, we will offer you a comprehensive estate planning solution – talking you through every step. This will be steps on getting your estate fully protected.

    Producing your trust

    Once you have decided you want to proceed, we will work on your documents. It takes 12 weeks start to finish to complete work for you trust. We then send you the paperwork and your trust is complete.

    Need help? Don’t worry

    If you get stuck at any point our team are just one call away to answer your questions.

    Available from 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday

    Top Questions for Trusts

    Why have a Trust?

    A Trust can offer a layer of protection for the assets held within in it if the beneficiary were, for example, to go through a divorce or face bankruptcy. An outright gift to someone in such a situation could result in the gifted assets passing out of that person’s control, to a former spouse or to a trustee in bankruptcy.

    When should I set up a Trust?

    A Trust can either be created in your Will so that it only commences on your death, or it can be created in your lifetime and start immediately.

    You can then leave a further sum of money to the trust under the terms of your Will. We can discuss this with you and advise you of all the options available to you.

    What can I put into Trust?

    Money and property are the most common, but you can put anything into the Trust.

    Items in the Trust are distributed as and when to beneficiaries of the Trust, which will include your child with a learning disability, by the Trustees.

    The letter of wishes you will have written often acts as guidance for the Trustees.

    Are Trusts subject to Tax?

    Trusts are subject to tax in their own right but they can also be useful for tax planning purposes. A transfer of assets to a Trust during lifetime can reduce the inheritance tax payable on the Settlor’s death by reducing the value of his or her chargeable estate. The transfer of assets to a Trust for a beneficiary with a low level of income and gains can result in lower rates of income and capital gains tax.

    What is a Property Protection Probate Trust?

    A Property Protection Probate Trust (PPPT) is a type of Trust that can protect your property against outside interference.

    How does a Property Protection Probate Trust work?

    Unlike other Trust Wills that are activated upon your death, an PPPT immediately transfers your desired assets into a Trust to be managed by your chosen trustees.

    What happens to the Trust when I die?

    Upon your passing, your estate will be held in Trust for your chosen beneficiaries.