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Should you ‘Do you LPA Yourself’ or use a Professional?

31st March 2020

As with many legal services, when it comes to Lasting Powers of Attorney you have the choice to ‘Do It Yourself’ or to use an experienced professional. 

In this article we will explore the pro’s and con’s for both options.

Do It Yourself


  • You Save the Fee of Paying a Professional – Many providers, including solicitors, charge in excess of £500 per document and their advice is often very limited.  Zen Legal charge just £199 per document which includes detailed expert advice from the outset. See our free comparison tool to check prices in your postcode to help you decide how much value we can offer


  • Time Consuming – ‘Doing It Yourself’ is far more time consuming. You can navigate your way through the online forms but as this will be the first time you have heard the terminology, it can take a lot longer and also be quite stressful if there are elements you don’t understand. 
  • Multiple Registration Attempts – If errors are made on your application then you will receive your forms back from the Office of Public Guardian. This can dramatically increase the registration time. If an application is made without any errors the average registration time with The Office of Public Guardian is 10- 12 weeks. If mistakes are made this timeframe can be dramatically increased.
  • A False Economy – While it is true that by completing the forms yourself you save on the fee that a professional would charge. When forms are sent to The Office of Public Guardian if mistakes are made you will have to pay 50% of the registration charge again and again if you continue to make mistakes. 

Use a Professional


  • Less Stress – It’s a well known fact that the first time you do anything it takes more brain power. Our trained Paralegals prepare Lasting Power of Attorney applications day in and day out. They can offer advice and explanations on any element of the application that you need. Once you have sat your short telephone appointment, the 20-page documents arrive by post, clearly stickered so that it’s very clear where to sign. 
  • Peace of Mind – Our specialists check your paperwork to ensure that everything is 100% accurate before we send the application to The Office of The Public Guardian. We do all of the liaising for you, you can simply sit back and wait for us to send you your fully registered documents.
  • Time Saving – Because we ensure your application is 100% accurate before we send it to The Office of Public Guardian, we guarantee registration first time. This can be extremely important if health issues are the driving force behind your application. 
  • Preferences and Instructions – You can inadvertently make life very difficult for your Attorneys in years to come by not understanding the nature or importance of the ‘Preference and Instructions’ section.  At Zen Legal, our experts will guide you through this sticky area, ensuring your Attorney’s will be able to act in your best interests at all times in the future. 
  • Highlighting any Discounts – Zen Legal will identify if you qualify for a 50% registration fee remission or even completely free fee registration.
  • A Helping Hand – If at any point you have any questions you can call our specialists for advice. 
  • Free Secure Storage – Zen Legal offer all our customers free secure storage in our company safe when you final documents are registered. This ensures they are never lost, damaged by fire or flooding. 


  • A Fee to Pay – Yes, there is an additional administration fee to pay for our specialist support, however we are certain you will find our costs affordable, our team is accessible and our service amazing we have over 250 5 star reviews to support that claim. 

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